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Frequently Asked Questions

Most asked questions by our customers.

You must have held a full NZ Class 1 licence for at least six months.

Begin by studying general and heavy vehicle road codes in preparation for sitting your class 2 learner licence. Let us know if you would like some support with this, as we can incorporate learner license study sessions into your training course.

Visit your doctor to get a driver’s medical. Note: The medical is only valid for 60 days, so do this close to when you plan to sit your class 2 learner licence.

Visit a licensing agency such as AA or VTNZ within 60 days of getting your medical to apply for a class 2 learner licence. You will need to present your driver’s medical certificate (unless you have presented it once in the last five years) and pass a theory test consisting of general and heavy vehicle road code questions.

After successfully gaining a class 2 learner licence you can proceed to undertake your class 2 approved license training course with Central Lakes Licensing. Then you’ll just need to take the certificate provided by Central Lakes Licensing to a licensing agency to have your new full licence endorsement added to your licence.

When sitting your class 2, 3 or 5 learner licence, you’ll be asked 25 general road code questions as well as ten specialised questions relating to the licence class you are sitting. Follow the below links for study/practice

Heavy traffic road code go to:

For practice tests go to:

http;// or download the app

Following the successful completion of the course you’ve taken part in, present your course certificate provided by Central Lakes Licensing to a licensing agent (AA or VTNZ) to have the Endorsement or Class Licences added to your current driver’s licence.
You will 100% need to update your licence to include your new certification and endorsement. Without it on your licence, you are not legally allowed to do the things your certification has taught you to do and can come with heavy penalties.

To operate a Forklift in your workplace, we recommend completing an OSH/Worksafe Forklift course as a minimum.

You’ll also need an F endorsement to drive a Forklift on a road or any site that the public can access.

Yes, we will happily provide you with a quote.
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